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Do Surveys to Make Money Work?

Short answer: Yes.


Want to make money free online?

My name is George Eastman, and I got started making money online through surveys. This should pretty much explain this website’s title to you. I was originally going to use this site to help people with online surveys for cash, but I realized that was way too small a niche. I wanted to make sure that people were well aware of the many, MANY options they have available to them.

If you’re just looking to start making money, surveys work great. Here are some of the survey sites I personalized utilized:

  • Paid Survey Authority– This is one of the newer ones that looks REALLY promising. I highly recommend starting there.

Here are some screenshots from Paid Survey Authority’s VIP section (available after you sign up). The fact that they also offer bonuses sticks out a lot for me. I may have moved past doing surveys online, but I wish I had this sort of program when I got started myself.


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Others (that I’ve heard about but will not personally endorse) :

  • Take Surveys for Cash
  • Paid Surveys at Home


Surveys are still a great way for a beginner to start to make money easily. But I don’t do them anymore. They are sort of like tricycles, you start off with them to learn the basics, and then once you’ve gotten an idea about how the general “making money online” thing works, you start to explore other methods and find something that really strikes chords with you.

When you start off with surveys, you are doing work not unlike minimum wage flipping burgers (although it can pay better). It’s very manual, and you only get paid as long as you do it. I knew that it was worthwhile to start off with, but there are way too many ways to get money online for me to have just stuck with surveys for the rest of my life.

If you are just starting off, definitely consider trying them. But if you’re working towards a passive income where you can make money while on vacation, you won’t be sticking with them for long.

The only problem that I see with internet marketing is that there are so many ways to get cash that it’s hard to figure out which one you want to stick with without spending a lot of your time with pure trial and error. And likely, as a beginner, you’re going to experience this sort of phase. But how long you stay in that phase is entirely up to you. Do your research, try and get mentors, and get assistance if at all available and you’ll cut down that learning curve and be able to quickly make your way past it.



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