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Proof that Internet Marketing has worked for ME.

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So here you are, ready to start getting paid to browse the internet. The true American dream. You’ve stumbled upon my blog, and I’m sharing a lot of information on how you can get started making money. Sounds good, but why should you believe me?

These are my clickbank earnings. Each row is a week.

gesurveys clickbank earnings

Here are several weeks of my earnings from the past 2 months or so. (Look at the payment net balance if you’re confused) .

Yeah, it works.


There are simply too many different methods available on the internet you could use to make money for it to NOT work.

If you’re looking for general guidance, check around on my blog. I’m doing my best to cut down on a lot of the guesswork people have to do when they first decide they want to start to make money. I also have an email newsletter through which I keep people updated on the latest working methods that will get them seeing a substantial increase in their income, as well as sending them various money making programs that can guide them towards the autopilot income I’ve set up for myself now.

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If you’re on my email list, expect to get shortcuts that cut down majorly on the amount of work you’ll have to do to get your online cash going. If you’re not on my email list, expect to get shortcuts that cut down majorly on the amount of work…you get the picture. Either way, you’re going to have access to the wealth of information that I amassed (this is one of the biggest words I know) for myself while trying to escape my job and set up an online income.


Welcome to gesurveys, I hope you’re ready to start getting real money online.



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  • Gerty Johns

    Time for me to stop playing around and get serious making money it looks like.