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YouTube Advertising: What You Need To Know to Make Money Through Videos

pewdiepie youtube advertising

Like him or hate him, PewDiePie’s gaming stream channel aimed at children is one of the biggest money makers across the globe.

How to Make Money Advertising on YouTube

If you’re unfamiliar with him, the above picture is a screenshot of PewDiePie. He’s only in his early twenties, but through his popular videos he’s managed to earn himself an impressive income valued somewhere between 2 and 17 million a year. By showing himself playing video games. He found something he enjoyed, and regardless of how constructive we think it is or isn’t (it isn’t) he turned it into one of the best work at home jobs anyone could ask for. If you could get paid to do your hobby for 30 minutes a day, wouldn’t you?

Well, if you are capable of video taping that hobby, you actually can.

Making Money With Videos

We live in a time populated by Media. If you’re not taking advantage of twitter, YouTube, facebook, pinterest, or all of the above in your quest to make money online, you’re missing out. These different avenues provide you with a vast variety of sources you can use to advertise your websites, products, or even just create generally entertaining content. That’s what most people who make money streaming videos do. So, as with any other method of marketing, you just have to figure out your niche.

Are you going to make a movie to advertise a product?

Are you going to stream hobbies, like games or cooking, for money?

Or are you going to create a video blog, which features just you talking about anything in the news ( or something that happened to you today )to get paid?

These are all completely commercially viable methods to get cash for your movies. All you have to do is make sure you’re uploading quality content that people actually care about, and you’ll begin to notice your views, likes, and subscribers keep increasing as you continuously provide good content.

Advertising Products Through Videos

If you pick this niche, I’m assuming you have two keywords you want to target. “Product Name” and “Product Name Review”. So for example, if your product is a weight loss product that we’ll just call FatMelt3000, your two main keywords are going to be “FatMelt3000″ and “FatMelt3000 Review”. Search these keywords on your chosen video streaming site (YT is the most popular by far) and see what the top 3 videos do. Do they show the product physically? Did they record themselves on webcam talking about it, or did they just do a voice over? Did they go super lazy and only do a video with all text and a robotic voice speaking the text? How old is the video?

If any of the videos failed to provide a physical copy of the product, or show the reviewer themselves, if you have a WebCam you have a competitive advantage. Regardless of how many views they have on their video, and fake views on YouTube can be purchased by the way, if you include these elements in your own video you’ll innately draw more people because they want to see your review.

-Note: This goes for all things on YouTube, not just products and product reviews. Provide as much of a personal touch to the video as you can and you will naturally outrank your competitors who fail to connect with their audience.

Now, you’re going to use whatever you have at your disposal to make a video (scroll down to the bottom of this post if you’re unfamiliar with video editing software, screen recording software, or compression software). When you create your review of “FatMelter3000″, you want to answer any questions that YOU would have if you were looking up a review of the product.

– Name

– Who made it, and provide some information on them

– Personal testimony using the product 

Positives AND Negatives to the product. You want to be unbiased. You are selling them a product, but you don’t want to come off as an annoying salesperson shoving it down their throats.

– Conclude your video

You should be able to fit all of this information in about 5-15 minutes. (5 minimum, 15 maximum). Upload your video, and keep everything symbol.

Title: Label the title “FatMelter3000 Review”. Include your website in the title right after the subject of the review. Optionally, also put the date or just year.

Description: Write a short description, at least a paragraph, detailing the review. You can even just straight transcribe your video if you so wish. Include a link to your website here again, and/or a link to the product (which should be your affiliate link)

Tags: Tag it with only the most important tags, and don’t go over 6 tags. For “FatMelter3000″ you might opt to do: “FatMelter3000″ “FatMelter3000 Review” “lose weight” “weight loss pill”.

Let it render, make sure it’s public, and let it go! You’ll start making money through YouTube when people begin to look at your review and go to your affiliate link to see the official sales page of the product.

At this point, you can start to do SEO to your video to get it ranked in Google so that when someone Googles your target keyword, they see the video as one of the top results and pick on that instead of the text reviews. YouTube ranking depends more on views, likes, and description. So mainly just your quality, although I have some tips to increase youtube ranking. (coming soon)

Video Blogging for Money

Video blogs work in this very same manner, just make sure your title, description, and actual video are focused on the matter you are blogging (recent events such as Hillary Clinton’s election in 2016 [coming to you soon] or general events such as “bullying” or “panic attacks”. If you need inspiration, look up RayWilliamJohnson, he’s the most popular video blogger of all time on YT. For other ideas, look into guys like KassemG, who drive massive traffic to their videos by doing funny interviews of random people.

Earning Through Streaming

For streaming, you’re going to watch to check out and These are the primary sources on the web for getting paid through streaming, although I personally do not use them. I do know this much though: when it comes to making money online, women have the advantage in the streaming game. Women streamers (especially gamers) are less common and more desired (sorry guys), so if a girl wants to make money online streaming, she has quite an easy path ahead of her.

What is the Best Free Video Editor?

Regardless of how you choose to monetize your videos,  pick this niche, you should definitely pick up video editing software, as well as look into guides on how to compress your videos so they are decent quality but fast uploads. I know for a fact that YouTube’s upload system will draw a lot of your bandwidth, so if you’re doing other things you want to get it over with as soon as possible. As usual, there is no “best” editor that will somehow put your YouTube advertising leagues ahead of the curve,  but there are some programs that I think are very much beginner friendly:

Light Works – Free

Windows Movie Maker – Free

iMovie – Free  or $15 Dollars

Final Cut Pro – $300

Sony Vegas – $400

There’s too much detail to cover on these programs, but the bottom line is that for all intents and purposes you don’t need fancy features from the video editors to be able to follow this guide to make money on youtube. You only need clips of yourself and/or your content, and a program that can let you edit together clips and then export them as one video file. These free programs will do that just like the paid ones will, so if you’re just starting off learning how to make money online you can save some bucks use the basic programs for now.

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