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How to Make and Host a Website


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Learning how to make a website can be as easy or complicated as you want to make it. This guide goes through the very basics that allows you to get your site up and running on the very same day you start reading this guide.


Step #1: Pick A Website Topic

Before you start making your website, you’re going to want to have your desired topic picked out. What’s your niche? What are you going to write about? Who are you going to write about it for? When you’ve decided this, you can decide if you’re going to go with a domain that matches something relating to your topic, such as, or go with a general brand or your own name “” or “”.

This is a decently important step, as many people decide if they are even going to check out your website based off the link. You don’t want to have something completely unrelated to your site’s content as your site link. I shouldn’t go to and be directed to a website all about cats.

Step #2: Register A Domain

When you’ve decided on a website name you want to go with, visit a domain registrar. Two popular ones are and These sites will allow you to see the availability of your chosen domain, potential alternatives, and pricing. Most domains cost around $10. If you want to avoid paying, you can use a website hosted on another site (see step 2).

Step #3: Select A Host

If you decided to go with the “Free option” as far as your domain goes, your host for your website is going to be the same as the site you use to register your name. Sites like,, and allow you to have websites where your site is a subdomain or their domain (for example, If you go with this option they provide the hosting, all you need to do is pick the domain.

If you’re instead going to host your own website that you’ve now picked a domain for, you’re going to have to look to outside hosting solutions. This typically costs $3-10 a month. Some popular web hosts include hostgator and hostwinds. Once you’ve picked your hosting and domain name, you’ll have to transfer your domain’s default hosting to your new hosting, by updating your domain’s nameservers on (look up a tutorial on how to do this, it’s very simple).

Step #4: Upload WordPress to Your Site

Once you’ve got your hosting setup, go into your admin panel and navigate to your cPanel. From there, you should see a button that will allow you to easily install WordPress, labeled simply “WordPress”.  You’ll need to select the site you’re attempting to install WordPress on, and then pick an admin username and password that you’ll use to log in and design your site and post. Make this decently hard to guess, as many hackers use automatic brute-forcing software to try and hack websites (plugins exist that can block these).


You will use the admin username and password you set up above to access your WordPress dashboard.

Step #5: Select A WordPress Theme

There are a TON of free themes that come with WordPress that you can use to start designing your site.


You will see the default theme that came pre-installed, but you should play around with the options. Click on “Add New” as seen below:


You can now search through all of the available free themes to select from. If these themes aren’t doing it for you, there are plenty of websites that sell premium wordpress themes for $20-50. I’m assuming you’re trying to make money online without investment.


Use the preview feature to see how the themes look and select one that you feel best matches the look and feel you want for your new website. You can change themes just as quickly as you selected one, so don’t stress about picking your first theme.

Step #6: Make Your First Post

Head on over to the left sidebar again, and go to the “Posts” section. Click “Add New” and begin drafting up your first post on your website. You should make this post look like what the content you plan on adding to the site as far as structure goes, to test out how well the content works with the theme you selected.



Play around with some of the publishing tools you have at your disposal, you may find yourself needing several of their functions sometime in the future.

Step #7: Monetize Your Website

Excited? You’re at the end of the guide. Now that you’ve got your website set up, it’s time to advertise and monetize it. You can do this through a LOT of different combinations, as there are many money making programs you can use to monetize your website, and MANY methods of advertising your website in order to drive traffic to it.

This is the part where you need to throw caution to the wind. Look a method over, and if after a decent read-over it sounds good, start doing it immediately. Look to see results, and look to make mistakes and learn from them. With Internet Marketing, there is only so much you can do just by reading methods. At a certain point you just have to jump into a method and start learning from the action you’re taking. One year from now, you’ll be happy you started today.

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