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How to Make $100 a Day Online

Achieve $100 A Day Online Easily

This is my first detailed guide of many that I’m coming to you with, and writing from scratch. This method will get you making $100 a day in no time, I started it on a fresh Clickbank account and was making $100 a day within a week.


Things you’ll need to follow this guide:

-Clickbank, or any other affiliate product program such as Amazon.

-Facebook OR Twitter OR Google+ Account

-Disqus Account


If you’re not very familiar with the term “SEO”, it means Search Engine Optimization. It’s what occurs when you google “how to make money online” and a list of sites comes up. Each one of those sites has specific qualities that have ranked them in their respective #1, #2, #3 and so on positions. SEO can be quite a tricky venture, but with this guide you’ll have no problem getting all the benefits of doing SEO with none of the complications of actually needing to learn it.

This method is super easy, and can eventually be outsourced to a “VA”, or virtual assistant. You’ll be able to make enough money to pay someone else a fraction of your earnings to do the same work you’ve done, and you from there you can scale up and really push your earnings to their maximum. Note: This method does require work.

Step 1.

Find a niche. This is always Step 1. Learn what you’re going to focus your attention on, and pick something you have knowledge on. Once you’ve picked a niche, you’re going to head over to (Don’t know what clickbank is? Read here )

Step 2.

Create a review blog. You’re going to want to use a proper domain name if you’re going to go this route. If you don’t know how to make a website, here’s a free guide. If you would prefer to do this method to make money without any investment, you can use freehosting like or Just take note- the domain you create will a subdomain of these bigger domains. (Example: “HeyGuys” becomes “” which will hurt your traffic but NOT kill it. )

Add Wordpress to your site, it comes with too many free features and themes for you to not utilize it, especially if you are new to internet marketing. Create reviews, at a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 1200 words, to your website. You’re going to want to use popular products from your product source (clickbank or amazon I can personally vouch for). To max these reviews legitimate, you can contact the vendors and tell them about your review site and request a review copy of their product. If they trust their product and are worthwhile vendors, they will send you free samples to review on your site. If they do not, you can STILL add a review of the product to your site – Just make sure to include that they didn’t even send you a review of the product.

Many different niches work for this method of reviewing. Try anything that interests you, maybe even get review copies for products you actually need (for the wonderful price tag of $0 ). If you’re lazy, although I do not condone this, you can rip reviews from some more popular review sites. If you’re stuck and need ideas on how to write a review of the product you’re reviewing, just google “X product review” and see what the top 5 websites did to review it. Copy their general format, but NOT their words (Your college professor didn’t like plagiarism and neither does Google). Cloak your affiliate links and make sure they track correctly. If you’re lazy, you can just rip reviews from some top review sites – just bear in mind it’s unlikely you’ll ever rank for keywords (if that’s your intention down the line).

Step 3.

Time to advertise your reviews. Google search the following:

[product name] – for each different product you have reviewed
[your niche] and niche related keywords
[competitor products]
[anything else that’s relevant]

Step 4.


After you search these terms on google, You’re going to want to click on the “Search Tools button” and then click “Any time”. Change the time to “Past 24 hours”.


After this, all results displayed are going to be things submitted in the past days that are relevant to the reviews you created. Start going through and advertising your reviews, writing up posts that are relevant to the discussions that are going on or copy and pasting if you’re lazy. When you’ve gone through a few PAGES of the “web” results, click the news tab and do the same.

Step 5.

If you’ve chosen a niche that is popular enough, you will have tons of places where you can post your comments. At least 5-10 pages (for “Web” and for “News” category” are ideal. If you do not have enough, try a different niche or try other terms that relate to the niche your reviews are in.

Step 6.

Visit every URL you can and respond to the posts advertising your own site and your own reviews. If it’s a blog, comment with a link to your site. Put some thought into your posts.

Things like “go to my site here plz”.  Will just get DELETED.

Try for something more like “I always check out the reviews on this site before buying products in [niche name] – [website link]. My favorite is [product X] because [yadda yadda yadda].”

This is where it comes to how clever you are, but this isn’t really hard. Some of the comments will require Disqus, while others will require Facebook, twitter, or forum accounts.

Step 7.

Rinse and repeat

You can do this method for any niche and any product in the world, and the more you do it the faster and more efficient you get at it. It’s effectively driving direct traffic to your websites and the traffic is all people who are at the very least mildly interested in what it is you are advertising in the reviews.


This is REALLY easy and like most things I like to advertise, anyone can do it. There’s no reason at all why you can’t make $100 a day doing this if you’re creative and/or persistent. It will bring residual income months down the line, because the comments you dropped and forgot about will get ranked overtime by Google simply because they exist.

Now get out there and start on your internet marketing! This method takes almost no technical skills outside of what you require to design a website you’re comfortable with advertising.

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