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Avoiding Scams

Money Online Scams

A lot of people out there are trying to learn how they can make money online. Therefore, a lot of people are trying to scam said people – It’s just human nature. This is my guide on how you can spot one such online fraud.


1. Intuition

We are the results of several hundred years of genetics surviving. You can trust that your intuition is pretty finely tuned with certain things. If you feel in your bones that something is a scam, that should trigger some warning in you and make you want to investigate further.

2. Research

If you don’t trust something, you should then go forth and do research into it to see if you can find incriminating evidence against it.


Take the name of the product, put it into google (or any other search engine), and see what people are saying. If a lot of people on the first few pages are calling it a scam, you can probably trust that it is.

Scam Listings


These sites were specifically created for people to call out scam sites, complain about them, or review them in detail:

3. Their Marketing

Look at how they are trying to sell you the product or services. Analyze:

  • Sales tactics
    The more aggressive the sales tactic, the more likely it is to be a scam and the less likely you want the service. Do they email or contact you constantly after you gave them information? Do you suddenly find yourself being spammed with emails from various sources?
  • Logical fallacies – a big sign of online fraud
    For example, a company can tell you their product is good because people are buying it, but then proceed to not provide any proof of their product or reviews of people who have tried it. This is a sure-fire sign that you’re dealing with some scammers, or at the very least people who are fluffing their product or service and making it look better than it truly is.

4. Money back guarantee

This isn’t the sign of a scam, but it is a very effective way to find out if the product or service you are considering is real or not. With this, you can actually just…buy the product or service. If it doesn’t work as advertised, or if it doesn’t work at all because it was a scam, you can get all of your money back and instead know that the only thing you wasted was your time. And even this isn’t so bad, because you learn from the experience what signs were there that you should have listened to and made the mistake of not paying attention to.

Some products and services, like clickbank‘s, take a bit of time before you can really judge if they are working or not. Make a note of the guarantee’s expiration date in your phone, and then use the product up until a few days before to measure how you feel about the product then. If you’re not seeing the results you were promised, go ahead and return the product and get your full refund.

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