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Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners

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Best Affiliate Marketing Program

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs are constantly sought after hot commodities. After all, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods of earning money online. It’s a pretty simple technique that can pay out a lot of extra cash, but it does take some marketing skills. It’s the perfect starting ground for beginners who are looking to get serious with making money online.

What is a Marketing Program?

Affiliate Marketing provides newcomers a method of connecting to vendors who will pay for them to advertise their products. Simple enough right? Actually, it really is that basic. You find a vendor or a product that you have some interest in, and then you either use a site such as to sell through that vendor (in which case you can usually get started immediately) or you contact that vendor and express your interest in their product.

In both situations, you typically want to contact the vendor anyway in order to start building your relationship with them, as well as to request a review copy of their product so that you can better detail their product, or even use multimedia to emphasize the points of the product (like pictures, or video if youtube marketing is your style).

Many businesses that offer an affiliate program offer their affiliates more than 50% of the commissions, for example the average on clickbank is 69-75% of each sale an affiliate makes. In addition, some vendors, especially new ones who need to get their reputation and product out to the world, offer bonuses for certain amounts of sales. Sometimes this is awarded on the first sale, but in most cases its awarded for the 3-10th sales. Other vendors may offer incentives to keep certain statistics low, such as refund rates.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program?


Naturally it’s impossible for me to tell you what will work best for YOU, because it all depends on variables that only you are in control of. But there are certain affiliate marketing programs that are notably more beginner friendly than others. These come as close to the “Best” category as I can classify them if you are new to making money online.



-Google Adsense

-Info Links

– OfferWeb

-ROI Rocket


-Text Link Ads


-Commision Junction



Affiliate Marketing for Beginners –  Features

Some of the key features of Good Affiliate Marketing programs include:

— Pay-per-click: these sort of affiliate marketing programs pay you every time someone clicks your link or ad.

— Pay-per-lead: these programs pay you every time you get someone to sign up or join their services.

— Pay-per-sale: I think you know what this one is. For every sale you convince someone to make, you get paid off of commission.

— Pay-per-Action: This is a newer option which gets you paid every time someone completes an action, such as highlighting a link on your site or hovering over a link.

— Pay-per-post: This one is for bloggers! Get paid every time you make a blog post on behalf of someone, usually a minimum of 400 words.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Once you’ve selected the time of affiliate marketing you want to utilize, and you go through a list of potential programs to pick one that sounds good to you, it’s as simple as finding different avenues to advertise the product you’re trying to sell. Common methods include:

Creating a website or a blog

– Advertising through video, like YouTube

– Commenting on related forums and blogs

– Email Marketing

– Buying ad space (spend money to make money)

The more creative you get with your affiliate marketing, the more effective it is likely to be. Beginners can find quick success by looking at what other, more experienced affiliate marketers did to advertise their products, and then tweak their methods with a unique twist.

When Would You Use Affiliate Marketing?

The best affiliate marketers know that you can turn to AM when:

— Looking to Earn Extra Cash Online

— Wondering How To Advertise Your Site or Product

— To Test How Popular A Service Is

— For Search Engine Optimization

— And More.

The idea behind Affiliate Marketing is that once you learn the methods from it, you’ll be able to utilize various methods through many different aspects of internet marketing. In your quest to earn money online, you’re likely going to be taking lessons from a lot of different methods you learn. Best way for a beginner to quickly get past their learning curve is to combine everything they learn that works.


The only way you can find out which affiliate marketing program works best for beginners is to actually start trying them. I’ve helped you define them and listed a decent list of several sites, although there are always more affiliate programs for you to try out if you’re not satisfied. Get out there and start failing, and begin to learn from your mistakes.

Good luck.

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  • Gerty Johns

    Thanks for the information! So I guess Clickbank is a good place to start?

    • George E.

      Clickbank is a great place to start. Some products are good, some products are crap. Take the time to distinguish between them.